Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Digital Marketing. AKA "What I learned today"

Just sat down from a morning of learning at Paramore University. It's hosted by the lovely folks at Paramore -a digital marketing agency here in Nashville. (There will be another session in the fall so mark your calendars.)

Our first speaker was Josh Clark (@globalmoxie) author of Tapworthy and incredible Power Point designer. Hands down best use of Legos in a business setting.

In short, here are my takeaways on his presentation of "7 Deadly Myths of Mobile." (Yes, deadly. So it's in your best interest to read...)

1. Mobile users are rushed and distracted

Think about all the times you've used your phone during a 3 hour airport layover or when you're too lazy to get to a computer. Personally, I lay in bed in the morning on my phone checking twitter and Facebook, etc.

Customers expect the experience on a mobile device to match the experience of their desktop/laptop.

2. Mobile = Less

Don't confuse context with intent! It's a smaller screen, not a smaller website we want to look at. Because honestly, can you define "a mobile use case" that is different from a "laptop use case" easily?  With the amount of people admitting they checking their phones while in the bathroom, I think not.

3. Complexity is a dirty word.

Complexity is different from complicated. Complexity is also different from dumbed-down. So, don't be afraid to have a lot of content. Think about it as a conversation. People will click more to find out more information. It better be there.

4. Extra taps and clicks are evil.

Unlike the days of yore, there is little waiting time for additional data when you open a new page. With pre-fetched data, this is even less of a concern.

Practice "progressive disclosure." Where a little content at a time is provided to the user.

5. Gotta have a mobile website.

You need to have a website that is mobile compatible, but it doesn't need to be a separate platform from your website. Instead, think about building for the web and not building for different devices.

Content and API run the show. You should build a common back end to serve all the options - mobile, desktop, xbox 360, etc. This is especially true since you don't want to have different content for each device.

6. Mobile is about apps.

An app is not a strategy. Your content is your strategy. So, find content that can fit any platform.

Ex. NFL Network - "Get the NFL. Anytime. Anywhere"

7. CMS and API are for database nerds.

Don't re-purpose the design, instead re-purpose the content.

Ex. The Guardian

And some examples of websites like that have excellent content driven websites:
Boston Globe
The Guardian

Finally, you can view a PDF version of this presentation at http://globalmoxie.com/blog/josh-clark-talks.shtml. 
Be sure to also check in with Paramore for a run-down on today's event as well.


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