Sunday, June 16, 2013

Guess Who?

Welcome to the Weekly "Name That Celebrity Voice" Challenge

Here's how it works: Watch the commercial below. Guess the celebrity voice, leave a comment below, win a prize. (Currently I'm thinking a $10 Amazon gift card!) 


Do you think it's worth it for companies to pay for celebrity voices? Do enough people recognize the voice to influence purchasing? Or is it something else a celebrity voice brings? 

Game ends Friday at Midnight PST. Winner will be chosen at random from correct guesses and announced on Saturday. So please check back! 


  1. It sounds like Alec Baldwin to me... would that make any sense for BMW to hire him? I wonder if some of these celebrities are used subliminally for their main effect.. there's that e-insurance one w/ John K. that they use when showing reruns of the office and somehow it seems to work even though it took me forever to remember how i 'knew that voice'. I'm not exactly sure why it works but it seems to ha. Maybe it's just the familiar tone a celebrity voice brings, even if it's not immediately recognizable?

  2. Good guess! But not quite. Alec Baldwin would be an interesting choice since he sounds like a PR nightmare.