Thursday, July 14, 2011

Emmy Noms are IN

I love the Emmy's. It feels like my best friends are the ones getting the awards. At the Oscars, it's all the popular kids.

Aside from the actors, hosts, and T.V. shows winning awards- everyone's favorite commercials are also up for the big prize. So I present to you, the emmy nominated commercials, videos and all. =)

1. Conan - American Express (2.5 million views)

2. Baby Driver - Subaru (300,00 views)

3. Questions - Old Spice Body Wash (My personal fav with 20 million views.)

4. Polar Bear - Nissan Leaf (1.3 million views)

5. Baby - McDonald's (71,000 views)

6. Born of Fire - Chrysler 200 (12 million views)

If we're going off YouTube views then Old Spice is the clear winner. Let's see how well the general public does picking Emmy winners! Watch Sept 18th to find out with one of your BFF's or favorite tv ad takes the cake.

1 comment:

  1. The Old Spice ads are getting a bit played out, the Chrysler commercial is strong.