Sunday, July 31, 2011

2D Barcodes: Suggestions for Personal Marketing

The point of the bar code is to store lots of information or a URL that is too long for someone to be expected to remember or type out. So, how can you take advantage of these uses? 

1. Making your resume more interactive
- You can direct people to your LinkedIn profile which should contain your photo, links to your website, and a detailed history of your work experience/education.
- It can also direct people to examples of your work if you are a graphic designer or artist.

2.Making your business cards more interactive
- You can link your business card to your resume or LinkedIn profile to maximize your networking.
- The bar code could simply important your contact info to someone's contact list to help streamline keeping your info handy.

3. Video Link
- This one is more tricky, but if you are an actor or director or someone expected to have videos this would be a great way to link to a sample of your work.

Any other ideas for personal marketing with 2D Barcodes... share in the comments! Just remember, make it worth it for someone to scan!

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