Monday, July 25, 2011

Updated Links and Salvador Dali

I recently updated my "For Your Entertainment" links on the right and I would like to call attention a new addition:

I've been looking for a stock photo website like this for awhile so I'm happy to finally stumble upon this gem. They have all sorts of freebies- like a monthly free font, screen savers, free photos, and illustrations. Love! 

They also have what is probably the biggest and most enjoyable time waste ever... Clockbusters. 

It's a movie quiz using stock photos found through their website. It was fun to play plus a totally awesome marketing ploy since I've signed up and told my friends about So A+ for them. As for my movie guessing skills, I earned a 45 and 42 for my first pass on each of the games respectively.

There were some on the sequel version of the game that I just could not get. Like what movie is described by a kid watching TV, a cross, and spooky tree? What about a guy screaming, an elf kid, and beetle on someone's ear?

Now you are probably asking yourself what this has to do with Salvador Dali. Well, I did spot a lovely picture of him earlier on The Chive so I thought I would leave it here to pretty up this post. Dali is my fav so I could not resist. Maybe I'll hunt down eyeball video he made. It would definitely stump you on Clockbusters...

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