Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just another reason why I love Nissan...

I have always loved Nissan. I know many people who love their foreign cars, but they're always talking about Honda or Toyota. For me, there are many reasons why I love Nissan. It's the quality of it's products; I had a Nissan Maxima that survived until 300K miles. It's the service; I was chummy with the service manager at the dealership when I had my Sentra and all I ever went in for was an oil change and a car wash. Did I mention that they build their cars in the U.S.?

I love them so much that in a recent interview when I was asked about my favorite brand and marketing strategy I used Nissan and it's new "Innovation For All..." campaign. If you saw my earlier post about Emmy nominated commercials then you are familiar with their Polar Bear commercial.(If not, it's a must see.) Turns out the Polar Commercial cost upwards of $14 million dollars to make. And that's not including media buying (i.e. TV air time). But what other interesting things is Nissan doing to help propel themselves to it's rightful place as the premier foreign car company?

In a stark contrast to the Polar Bear commercial are the Pike's Peak videos. Both are focused on the Nissan Leaf, but instead the Pike's Peak videos are focused on the car's power and ability.

Here is an example:

Additionally, in a recent WSJ article, they highlight an excellent marketing ploy that fell in to Nissan's lap. Today, Toyota launched it's new Camry. Too bad it didn't look into social media since it failed to buy the search term "camry" on Twitter. Nissan, instead, scooped it up. And now as Toyota launches it's newest vehicle, Nissan gets some competitive advertising as it's ads show up on twitter when people search "camry."

Not to belabor the point that Nissan has launched the Leaf, but another excellent PR opportunity for Nissan is the mention of the Leaf on "The Colbert Report."

Check out Colbert's opinion of the Nissan Leaf wave:

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So, that sums up the recent happenings over at Nissan marketing. Let's hope its enough to get other people on the Nissan brand wagon.

Update: I totally forgot to upload this awesome picture of me and a Nissan Leaf! I even got to test drive it...

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